About Us


Hi, I am Brad and my wife is Jo. Someone in the Presby family has been making Maple Syrup for five generations. It has been a family tradition with everything from sap gathering to donut making. The whole family gets involved.

My Gramp used to help in the family Sugar House in Bath, when he was a small boy, too small to go gather the buckets. Learning the tricks of the trade from him was the most memorable part of Sugaring that I can think of. Gramp had such a vast knowledge about the Maple Syrup process! He could tell just by looking at the bubbles that the syrup was ready.

We have been making Maple Syrup here at Presby's Maple Farm LLC since 1984, and Brad can remember making syrup with his grandfather when he was 10. Of course, there have been many updates to the name and equipment, but the process of making Maple Syrup still remains basically the same.

We have decided to "go modern" have a website, and facebook page so our friends and family can keep in touch, find out what we are up to, add a favorite recipe, and even order some of our many delightful treats!

Come back often, visit our site and watch us grow!

Brad & Jo Presby