Posted by Jo Presby on Dec 31st 2019


This is Pesky! He is a gray squirrel. Most gray squirrels are active all year round! They dig through the snow to retrieve buried treasures. They can smell food under a foot of snow. When the snow is really deep they can tunnel under it to get closer to the scent of the food.

Squirrels usually make their homes in trees using natural cavities or old woodpecker holes. They like a nice, warm, dry house! Anywhere they can find that is heated, cozy, and comfy!

The bushy tail of the squirrel can serve as an umbrella in the rain. The tail could serve as a blanket in the winter. The tail can also slow a decent if the squirrel falls from a tree.

The gray squirrel is a hoarder of food. They stash food away in nooks and crannies for just a few hours or sometimes months and years. They often use landmarks to retrieve the food.

Gray squirrels are generally inquisitive and persistent. They are notorious for tenaciously trying to avoid obstacles in order to get what they want.

Squirrels are often considered pests because of their tendency to chew on various materials. They have sharp teeth that continue to grow. Plastic and metal do not stop them.

Pesky is cute and adorable! He looks so cuddly! How could something so sweet be so destructive? “Destructive?” You say. Yes, destructive. Something so little, so tiny, can cause thousands of dollars worth of destruction. Mark my words! You will see what he does…Stay tuned for the escapades of Pesky!